Carpet Cleaning Service in Adelaide

Do your carpets look dingy and down-trodden?

Are they in-dented by heavy furniture or even stained in places?

Do they detract from an otherwise clean and bright environment?

Eve Environmental Services of Adelaide has the high-tech carpet cleaning equipment and expert personnel to give your carpets that much-needed makeover and leave them looking almost as fresh and bright as the day they were installed.

Carpets receive some of the harshest of treatments of all home and office fixtures and fittings. We daily tread in dirt and contaminants and do not always take the time to remove it as needed. Over time, these pollutants make their way down into the very roots of your carpet fibres where they build up and contribute to the overall dingy, dull and tired look of your floor.

Fortunately Eve Environmental Services’ 3-step carpet cleaning programme can help.


1 First we will vacuum clean your carpet with our high powered suction cleaners to remove the maximum possible grit, dust, dirt and other pollutants from the roots of the carpet fibres.


2 Then we will put into action our hot steam carpet cleaning equipment which blasts a mixture of steam and detergents down into the carpet to lift all types of grease, stuck on dirt and other contaminants to the surface where it is sucked away into the dirt collecting reservoir.

The carpet cleaning detergents we use are strong but eco-friendly and will leave your carpet looking refreshed and cleaned without damaging the environment.


3 After this first overall pass we will then apply powerful stain removers to those areas that require a little extra cleaning assistance and pass over a second time with the steam machine.

This is usually all it takes to remove all superficial dirt and stain spots and to lift back the carpet fibres to the same upright position as when your carpet was originally put down.

Your carpet will be completely dry within only a couple of hours, so with our overnight carpet cleaning service you can walk on your carpeted floors again the very next morning.

To keep your carpets looking at their best we generally recommend that you get them professionally cleaned at least once a year and more frequently in entrance and other areas where there is heavy foot traffic.


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Eve Environmental Services of Adelaide: expert and reasonably priced carpet cleaning services for your home, office, school, commercial premises and other work spaces.

Why choose Eve Environmental Services?

Our staff have almost 50 years combined experience working in the professional cleaning industry.

Our philosophy sums up our attitude: Big enough to do the job, small enough to care.

We believe in offering customized services to suit the individual cleaning needs of each client.

We use eco-friendly detergents and other cleaning products because we sincerely believe it is essential to conserve our environment for future generations of Adelaide residents.

Keeping your commercial spaces professionally clean does not have to cost a fortune. Talk to the experts at Eve Environmental Services to find out how outsourcing to us can even save you money.

We offer garden maintenance, rubbish and waste collection, general maintenance, ironing and laundry services, tagging and testing and labour hire services too.




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