Eve Environmental Services’ scientifically validated corporate cleaning techniques will keep your staff healthy and happy and may even help to reduce employee absenteeism due to sick days.

That’s because we clean not only for appearances sake but also to remove the bacteria, germs and other pathogens that left unattended can create a toxic environment for you and your staff to work in.

Corporate Cleaning Services for Adelaide

  • Dust, wipe and polish all horizontal surfaces, blinds, doors and doorframes.
  • Dust off computers and other electronic desktop equipment including phones, lamps, etc
  • Sweep, vaccum and mop all floors
  • Sanitize door handles, light switches, remote controls, and other fixtures and devices that are commonly handled by many different personnel during the day
  • Empty and sanitize garbage bins
  • Thoroughly disinfect and clean bathroom areas, sanitizing faucets, towel dispensing machines and door-locks and replenishing paper and soap supplies in the process
  • Thoroughly disinfect and clean kitchen areas, ensuring that all food preparation facilities are sanitized each day, including the disinfection of the outside of all appliances (and the inside too, on request), removing all traces of fingerprints and daily use.
  • Sanitize and refill your water dispenser
  • Clean off coffee machines and drinks preparation areas
  • Maintain and clean your reception and public areas
  • Any other specific cleaning duties that you request of us.

Eve Environmental Services cleaning personnel have wide experience working in a large variety of different corporate environments.

We individually train all our employees in our detailed and thorough environmentally friendly cleaning techniques so that your work place is always a healthy, sanitary locale in which to conduct your business.

We understand how to adapt our cleaning services to the specific needs of each Adelaide client so as to cause the least possible disruption to your corporate employees.

Outsourcing to us can reduce your administrative overheads and leave you more time (and money!) to devote to generating business.


What do you have to lose?

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Our Testimonials

Discover what our clients have to say about their experiences working with us:

I was very satisfied with the duct cleaning services provided by Eve Environmental services. They are very friendly and at the same time highly professional. Scheduling my service with them was super easy and fast. They explained the whole process and did their job perfectly. I would highly recommend all to contact them.

Ashley Taylor

I am very pleased with the ongoing customer service here, such nice people! I come here often to get my clothes dry cleaned. I have been to a few places in the area and out of them all Eve shows better care for the customer and the garments.

Nadsya Kobzeff

Was pleasantly surprised at how clean our work safety vests and jackets came back.  I never thought all the oil and grease stains would come out, but they are like new.  They collected on Tuesday and we received back on Thursday.  And pleasantly surprised by the price.  Thoroughly recommend.


Debbie Sears


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