Our Policy


It is the policy of Eve Environmental Services to provide a safe and healthy work environment for staff, contractors, clients and visitors to your premises. We provide our staff with an Occupational Health & Safety Policy book together with extensive training relating to policies and procedures. We consistently work with our staff to minimise any risk and improve working conditions.


Our Objectives


Eve Environmental Services aims to make a safer workplace by:

  • Observing safety standards and practices.
  • Using all safety equipment provided.
  • Behaving in a manner to assure personal safety and safety for others.
  • Not interfering with electrical switches, alarms etc. and leaving them as they are found.
  • Not smoking on the premises.
  • Training all new staff in lifting methods, machinery usage and chemical usage.
  • Identifying hazards or potential hazards and taking responsibility to rectify them.
  • Working safely, observing and not taking risks.
  • Reporting any incidents or possible incidents to avoid future accidents.



Our Responsibilities


Eve Environmental Services takes responsibility for providing a safe workplace environment and ensuring that all Occupational Health & Safety policies and procedures are implemented. Specifically this means that we will:

  • Provide and maintain machines and equipment in a safe working condition.
  • Train and instruct workers in safe working practices.
  • Investigate any possible safety or health risks.
  • Provide proper medical, health and first aid services as required by regulations under the Act.
  • Control noise and anything in sight that may look harmful.
  • Investigate accidents and why they happened.
  • Take measures to minimise the risk of and harmful effects of fire and explosion.
  • Be conscious of not overworking our staff.


Eve Environmental Services and its personnel will work and comply with the Occupational Health Safety & Welfare Act and the consolidated regulations 1995 and amendments.


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